phibass front quer 320



  • Speaker
  • Class-D-Amp
  • Rechargable Battery (with charge level indicator)
  • Piezo Pick up
  • Bass reflex system
  • Recessed grip
  • Scale 78 cm (short scale bass)
  • Dark wood stain

pabass aaron klein



The Bass between Acoustic Bass and Double Bass

  • Bassplaying without cable at campfire, for street music or everywhere, you could also play guitar
  • Volume corresponds to doublebass and fits to acoustic instruments
  • Moderate weight (3,8kg)
  • Mobile - fits in standard guitar gigbags
  • Longlasting operation without charging

An Instrument for different tunings

  • Standard bass tuning E-A-D-G
  • Interesting option for celloplayers: with cello tuning (one octave lower) C-G-D-A and because of the short scale (78cm) becomes bass playing very easy for celloplayers






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