Cello seite unfrei 320

sbip cello 


  • made from aluminium for high stiffness and long sustain
  • low feedback
  • variable support system for playing while sitting, standing and even walking
  • new: end pin available for for sitting, leaning or standing
  • tripod stand available
  • balanced 1/4" jack for connection to mixing consoles, preamps, effect units or amps
  • ebony fingerboard
  • standard cello scale: 70 cm
  • encapsulated machine heads
  • steel strings
  • polyester coating

sbip cello getragen



Playing with full mobility

With the unique support system of the sbip cello it becomes possible for the cello player, to move on stage. The instruments possistion remains the same as known from the sitting manner. The aluminium design is reduced to the essentials what gives high stiffness. Nevertheless the instrument is light enough, to play long gigs with the sbip cello.


Magnetic Pick Up System

In opposition to other electric cellos in the market the sbip cello is equipped with magnetic pick ups, what causes a warm, more electric sound than common piezo pick ups. The special design ensures graet sound with bow as well as pizzicato. 

The magnetic pick up drives perfectly all the common amps or effect units for guitars or bass guitars. Two different basic sounds and mute are selectable with a switch at the instrument. The 1/4" jack outlet is balanced which can be used with unbalenced cords too. So the sbip cello can be connected to mixing consoles or studio equipment as well as guitar or bass amps.

Tripod and Endpin

As options there is a tripod available which enables to play only short cello parts. More familiar is the usage of an endpin for the sbip cello. This end pin is is long enough to play sitting, leaning or even standing.