sbip-instruments develops and makes handcrafted electric string instruments as well as pseudo acoustic basses. 

The cellos and violins are mainly made from aluminium, so that they look a bit outside of the ordinariness. The particular metal design ensures a free string movement with long sustain. Magnetic pickups bring manifold sound design opportunities which are closer to an electric guitar than to a classical cello.

Psoudo acoustic basses are bass guitars with built in speaker, amp and battery. So they are as managable as a guitar and as loud as a double bass.

cello BL weiss klein

sbip cello

The sbip cello consists of an aluminium body which provides high stiffness and low mass. Equiped with a special support system the cellist can play while standing and enjoy the freedom of movement on stage. The cello's position related to the player is nearly the same which is kown from sitting .

The unique magnetic pickup provides with common guitar amplifiers or effect units a huge variety of sound opportunities.

V4172BL 2 weiss 320

sbip violin

The aluminum body of the sbip violin ensures high stiffness and low mass. All main measures are similiar to traditional violins. Thanks to the wooden body back dummy you can use your preferred chin and shoulder rests. 

A magnetic pickup system which was especially developed for the sbip violin provides a clear basic tone while bowing and in pizzicato. Modify it in a wide range with common effect units to create your own sound!

pabass schwarz weiss klein


The p.a.bass enables you to play bass guitar independently of any external amp. An integrated Class-D amplifier and a speakers make a powerful sound. A rechargeable battery provides enough energy for many hours.

The p.a.bass can also be connected to an external amp via 1/4" jack. The same jack can be used for plugging in external playbacks, for example from MP3 players or drum machines.